Sunday, October 30, 2011

White Halloween

Ironically I was taking pictures of the beautiful cabbage plants around the yard on Friday; admiring their colors and the way their edges curled in and out. Saturday they lay in shambles pummeled and damaged by the devastating October snow. So as this post began in my mind on Friday as one that would spotlight the beautiful colors and textures of the fall landscape, it will now document in photos the before and after effects of the Nor'easter that ripped through Northern NJ this weekend. 

I just couldn't get over how beautiful all the lines and colors of this cabbage plant. The natural ombre thats created from the white center to the deeper greens at the bottom of the plant. This is where inspiration begins. 

This kale plant amazes me. The way that the veins and the edges are this hot fuschia pink, while the leaves themselves stay green. It's truely amazing to think of all the color combinations that God has created.

This little plant I couldn't stop photographing. I found it growing in one of my pots in the backyard. It was a grass I bought at a garden sale and apparently it blooms in the late fall with these tiny fluffy white flowers. They reminded me of tiny little fairies.  

So slowly the snow started to fall Saturday morning. Very light and ethereal. It made for great photos in the beginning. I wish it had stayed this way. I wish that we could have spent the day pumpkin picking (our original plan for the day) with light snowflakes falling on our noses and eyelashes.

A light dusting would have been fine; it would have been enough to say "it snowed in October" and we could have moved on with our day and our weekend for that matter. 

But it just kept coming, harder and faster. Covering everything, yards, roads, tree limbs still fully covered in leaves. 

It was still beautiful at this point. 

By the middle of the day the large tree in our yard started falling down limb after limb from the weight of the snow.

Nervously we waited for the crashing of our roof as the tree over hangs our house, but luckily the only limbs to fall fell in the road. 

Our garage has a tree lying on top of it but still no serious damage. 

Nature is truly a force to be reckoned with. Who would have thought that we would have a snow storm in October, nevertheless a snow storm that would do so much damage? 

Happy Halloween!?