Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Lunch Thief

My lunchtime usually consists of whipping together a quick meal and chowing it down outside, all while keeping an eye on the Diva aka Eva. Ever since the hurricane we haven't put back out our outdoor furniture so I've been using our picnic bench as my seat and table. On this day the sneak has decided she wants to share my lunch. 

She's so innocent, so deceiving, so manipulating. Her little plan is already being conceived in that cute little head, I'm sure.

Now she's up, smelling my dip, making sure it's to her liking, making sure I'm not watching (little does she now).

And then that big lapping tongue dives right into my lunch! Whiskers and all.

And she's still looking for more after I take the dip away from her...greedy bugger

A meal isn't complete without her making sure she's gotten every single bit, even the stuff still left on her whiskers.