Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Autumn Decorating

So if you read my previous post, the kitchen reno is almost complete, and I'm on to the next project: Autumn Decorating! Although I would have liked to have started this last weekend, that was not an option. So I am committed to getting it all done this upcoming weekend. I've been doing research on ideas for weeks now and have compiled inspiration images for front door displays and window box ideas. These are some of the inspirations I've been toying around with.

I love this window box for texture and color. The soft muted greens and oranges against the dark cabbage and branches. I've been collected branches for a while now to do something similar at my home. My husband thinks I'm crazy. I like to say I'm colorful*.

I always love greens, as well as one color floral designs so this is right up my alley. If I can manage to find some green pumpkins, this may be a real option.

This one adds a little more of those dark tones which I like as well. No idea where they sell black pumpkins though. Spray paint?

Adore this wagon display. If I only had a wagon, this one definitely be the one. I think I may steal the painted greeting on the pumpkins though. Such a cute way to welcome guests.

Can someone say cute idea? I love this!! I'm not sure if it looks as cute with two numbers, but this may be something I add too.

Lite up pumpkins are always a favorite of mine although this display seems quite time consuming to create. I don't know if you've ever carved a pumpkin, but one is hard enough. Three and then all those holes? Crazy work.

colorful: adjective; i.e. box of cray (coined from Kyla), like a box of crayons filled with the colors of the rainbow....this is making me sound kind of crazy now